Diet With Banana

The banana diet plan originated in Japan. It was developed by Hitoshi Watanabe and his wife Sumiko. It's a quite popular weight loss diet in Japan and now it's fever is fast gripping the Americans too. If you search the Internet, you will find numerous versions of the banana diet plan. Here are the two most famous ones.

Version 1
According to this version, you should eat one or two bananas before each meal. So, feed two bananas before breakfast, two before lunch and one before dinner. After devouring banana, you can eat whatever you feel like eating, however make sure that you do not overeat. Likewise, if you feed healthy meat, it would further contribute to quick weight loss, although it is not a necessary rule of this diet plan. Lastly, if eating five bananas a day is too much for you, you are able to instead eat one apple and one banana each for breakfast and lunch, instead of two bananas.

Version 2
The second version of the diet, also known as morning banana diet, says that you feed as many bananas as you like for breakfast, along with a glass of lukewarm liquid. But no other meat should be ingested in the morning. After breakfast, you should straightaway have lunch, with no devouring in between. For lunch, you are able to has absolutely nothing. Lunch should be followed by snacks around three or four in the night and after this dinner, which should be taken before eight in the night. The night snacks can be anything, even sweets and desserts. The dinner too, can have any meat except for desserts, ice creams and dairy products. The same rule applied at lunch as well , no sweets or desserts during the big-hearted meals.

One very important rule of this diet is that you should sleep before midnight as absence of sleep contributes to weight gain. Performing practises is not mandatory, still if you can walk for a few minutes daily, it would really help your induce, which in this case is natural weight loss. Munching the meat properly and taking period while devouring it is recommended as it assists in digestion.

Pros and Cons

The logic behind this fad diet is that when you consume bananas before every meal, your portion sizing for other meat automatically reduces. Bananas being rich in fiber, keep the stomach full for a longer time, thus delivering down the overall meat intake. Another benefit is that it contributes to the fat burning process as it contains insoluble carbohydrates called " resistant starch", which according to some experiments help in fat loss. The enzymes found in bananas aid in better digestion.

As for the cons, this diet is something which cannot be followed forever. Just like any other fad diet "its by" discontinued by people in between and thus, it's results are very short-lived. Secondly, "they dont have" medical proof that this diet plan really works so just like any other fad diet, it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The banana diet answers can be positive for some and negative for others. Bananas are rich in potassium, fiber and proteins, stimulating them an ideal meat to consume. They maintain the right blood pressure and stimulate the skin and mane healthy. However, instead of blindly in accordance with the diet, rely on taking a balanced diet and workout everyday for healthy weight loss.

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